Что скальпель пластического хирурга делает с восточными людьми

Смотрите, компания оживших Барби и их друзей на фото!

Pic shows: Liu Zichen, or Chris Liu, taking a selfie.
A weird 18-year-old model who likes posing nude on a bed full of money says critics that branded him fake are just jealous.
Teenager Liu Zichen boasts he is rich and has the perfect figure for fans to drool over, but his outrageous claims have fuelled an extraordinary hate campaign on social media.
The model insists he has not had surgery to achieve his doe-eyed, pale faced looks apart from a nose job, but a driving licence photo taken five years ago appears to show a different side to him.
The storm of protest has erupted in Beijing, China, where lewd pictures of Liu on the country’s largest internet site Sino Weibo have been trending.
And the sleazy snaps of him naked have drawn most criticism. In one he poses with his white pants pulled down lying naked on a bed of bank notes.
In another he lies back on a bed covering his crown jewels with more money and his hands.
Another controversial shot shows him standing naked from the waist down wearing a skimpy woman’s tiny shirt.
In some captions he accuses ordinary people of being poor but they have hit back telling him: «You are sick, go back to Mars.» Another wrote: «Mom there’s a ghost on Weibo»
Liu, who loves posing in designer clothes, works for an agency in China’s capital and claims to earn large amounts of money modelling online.
He says he is particularly proud of his V-shaped chin, which is widely coveted by women throughout Asia and his super slim figure and round bottom.
But social media detractors say he could not have achieved his looks without extensive surgeries to his face and body.
Liu maintains that people are merely jealous, and says his photos are «works of art». He claimed his driving license photo was five years old and his face had changed over the years with the help of beauty products.
Liu, who say he gets his looks by being half American, believes people are just envious of his beauty and success, and that they do not understand his «artistic» photos.

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